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In the age of the internet, it is especially important for businesses to have some form of web presence. We believe that many small town businesses' needs are not considered by large website builders or web hosting companies. We seek to offer products and services that are affordable, high quality, and meet the needs of small-town businesses.

Products & Services

To best serve small-town businesses we offer several services that a grouped as a bundle. A bundle will include a site, hosting and supporting services. We will offer only one bundle to begin.

The Web Presence Bundle - $100 + $5 per mo ($25 per hr for additional support)

The bundle includes a single-page website with text, images, and links. The website will easily support hundreds of daily visitors and you will have one hour of support a month included for making any enhancements or changes. Ashland's Technology Future will take care of everything from domain names to design and development, with your input and agreement for critical steps.

This is perfect for anyone who is looking to claim their space on the internet. Maybe you already have a Facebook page, snapchat, or instagram account where most of your business goes down. Maybe you just want to add a level of legitimacy to your business. Maybe you just want to reach a wider audience.

If you're looking to make your digital presence official and you intend to conduct most of your business outside the website, then this is the ideal package for you. It provides you with a simple one-page website at a very low cost.

To purchase The Web Presence Bundle, please call 715-681-0880 or email

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