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Who We Are

We are an organization made up of directors, volunteers, network members, and supporting members who are all passionate about supporting the future of Ashland, Wisconsin through collaborative programs between the community, local businesses, and local education institutions. Ashland's Technology Future aims to grow a network of technology-minded people, develop and execute programs to educate and train the community on technology, and identify and uplift opportunities for technology jobs.


Jacob Simonson - Co-Founder and President

2013 Ashland High School graduate who studied computer science at UW-Madison. Since graduating college in 2017, he has worked for Fortune 500 companies in the insurance and finance industry as a software engineer.

He has also done research in computer science and released several personally-developed applications, including a website built for the Town of Marengo. He initially wanted to offer a scholarship to AHS students pursuing technology because of the success he's found working in software. This idea then led him to start Ashland's Technology Future.

Giovanna Stern - Co-Founder, Vice President, and Secretary

2013 Shorewood High School graduate and graduated from UW Madison in 2017 with degrees in Psychology and in Legal Studies, & minors in Criminal Justice and Environmental Studies.

Since graduating, she has worked as a paralegal in national and international law firms. She is also a self-taught programmer and co-built the organization's website.

She started Ashland's Technology Future because she wants to help level the playing field when it comes to access to technology education. After many visits to the Northwoods, she feels a strong connection to Ashland and wants to see Ashland (and Wisconsin in general) thrive.

Network Members

For individuals to find success in a field, it is very helpful to have a mentor with experience in that field, or a network of mentors. We aim to cultivate such a network and offer it to those interested in pursuing technology careers in Ashland. For now, that network is maintained on LinkedIn - a social media website for professional networking. Make sure to follow our LinkedIn page and send Jacob Simonson a direct message if you are interested in becoming a mentor or are seeking mentorship.

What We Do

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